Training Programme Development

Delight Training Services Ltd put together tailored training programmes on request.  We were recently contacted by a Youth Offending Services Region and asked if we could put together a training programme for a multi-disciplinary group of staff on Desistance Theory and Implementation.  Our specification was that the event should have a central focus on practice development and also make links to the forthcoming national roll out the new assessment process, AssetPlus.  In order to utilise both our own expertise and also that of practitioners within youth offending agencies we were asked to collaborate with a steering group of eight Senior Practitioners.

The whole process took three months and the result was an extremely well received training event on Desistance as now detailed in our  Staff Training page.  A member of this steering group and Performance and Operational Support Manager in their YOS area had the following to say about our involvement in development and subsequent delivery of this programme:

Delight Training designed and delivered a new and highly relevant training programme. The design phase was carried out with literature and research reviews including careful consultations with selected staff from across the area. The result was a highly focused training event tailored to the learning requirements of participants. The event was delivered to a very high standard and participants were able to relate to the available theory and research  on desistance and to make constructive use of their own practice experience. The result is that there is now a demonstrably tried and tested training programme on desistance available locally and indeed for any youth offending service across the country.
Merseyside CTG training organiser
May 2016

Further details and a report of the initial event can be found in our News section. We welcome the opportunity to take a lead in similar training development opportunities.

Frontline Data Collection

During the period 2014 to 2016 Steve Delight was responsible for data collection as part of the evaluation of the London Pathways Partnership Progression Unit at HMP Belmarsh, a high security prison in East London. The unit was part of a national pilot project working with offenders with personality disorder and the research was designed to focus particularly on how well the unit supported prisoners in their progress towards eventual community living. The project was commissioned by OXLEAS NHS Trust jointly with NOMS (National Offender Management Service) and the research team was a partnership between the University of Nottingham, the University of Greenwich, and Get The Data Ltd.

Our direct involvement in this work involved the administration over 400 psychometric measures and over 150 direct interviews with both prisoners and staff over an 18 month period. The results were written up in a report for the commissioners.

Steve’s work for us on the project was excellent. As well as being technically excellent Steve’s interviewing skills in difficult circumstances made a major contribution to the project’s success. The feed back on his work from our grant funders was very positive and included HMP (Her Majesty’s Prison Service), NHS (National Health Service) and National Probation services.
Professor Eddie Kane
Director Centre for Health and Justice
Institute of Mental Health
University of Nottingham

This work is soon to published in the journal ‘Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health’ – watch out for details in our news section.

Trainer Training

Delight Training has over the last twenty five years been involved in a wide range of trainer training events. During the initial roll outs of accredited programmes we were directly responsible for the writing of over 30 nationally accredited trainer manuals for the roll out of a wide range of national intervention programmes and subsequent competency assessed training of well in excess of 150 national trainers. The programmes we were involved with included ‘One to One’ and ‘PRISM’ – Programme for Reducing Individual Substance Misuse (Philip Priestley and Prof Mary McMurran), ‘Think First’ (Prof James McGuire), and ‘ASRO’ – Addressing Substance Related Offending (Prof Mary McMurran and Philip Priestley) as well as a range of other programmes including those used within Youth Justice.

Our work involved close collaboration with authors as well as liaison with CSAP (Correctional Services Accreditation Panel) in order to ensure that materials and subsequent training of nationally selected staff was in line with the high qualities of the national accreditation process and roll out.

“I have always been impressed by the superb quality of training that combines high standards of delivery, warmth, flexibility, and innovation and individual development.”
Professor James McGuire
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and Professor of Clinical Psychology
University of Liverpool

We are still involved in the latest versions of some of these intervention programmes – see our intervention page for details. We continue to provide services to support in-house trainers across the UK and overseas. Contact us if you have some trainers who need our support.

Organisational Development Services

Delight Training Services Ltd can also offer services drawing on our team’s experience expertise and proven effectiveness across a broad spectrum of organisational functioning. Notable examples are:

    • Developing and/or reviewing an organisation’s appraisal and training systems, including measurement of effectiveness.
    • Coaching managers to improve staff supervision and resolve problems.
    • Enhancing organisations’ approach and practice in connection with diversity and equality.
    • Organising conferences and similar events.
    • Carrying out studies into service delivery questions.
    • Undertaking independent complaints investigations or overseeing an organisation’s own enquiries and more broadly developing systems for managing complaints.

Please contact us if these services can be of benefit to your own organisation.  We will be happy to discuss your specific needs.