Delight Training has been in the business of delivering quality training for frontline staff and associated managers within Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health for 25 years. Our training events have arisen from direct requests from the wide range of organisations which we have worked with over the years or in response to latest research findings that offer the capacity to improve practice. This list continues to grow as practice within these fields develop and we are always open to new requests.

We currently offer the following range of staff training programmes. If these are of interest to you, simply follow the provided link and speak with us directly. We know that the organisational context of training is as important as course content and are always happy to talk directly about your organisations unique training needs.

Motivational Interviewing

Delivered normally as a two day event with an optional one day practice consolidation follow up day.  Covers background, theory, and most importantly, the application of MI in participants work settings.  Click here for recent comments:


Delivered as a two day event.  Looks at the current understanding provided by Desistance research and implications for current practice.  Focuses particularly on levels of desistance, the importance of identity, and the consideration of how practice can support long term change through the support of social capital alongside individual capital. Click here for recent comments:

MAPPA Briefings

This half day briefing provides an opportunity for participants to familiarise themselves with the basic principles and premises behind the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) and consider issues for local agency practice.  Click here for recent comments:

MAPPA Training Days

These one day training events provide an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills of professionals responsible for the identification, risk assessment and risk management of MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) offenders and consider issues for working in a multi agency environment.  These events are often used as a follow up to half day briefing for staff involved directly in the MAPPA process.  Click here for recent comments:

Pro-Social Modelling

Delivered as a two day event.  Looks at the underlying principles and application of pro-social modelling in a work setting along with the interrelationship of associated theories and approaches.  Recent comments include:

Engagement Skills

This event is based around the theory and practical application of the Treatment Readiness Model for Personality Disorder developed through research by Dr McMurran and colleagues.  It is relevant to a wide range of practitioners working with hard to engage population.  This might include those who have a ‘diagnosis’ of personality disorder but also where personality difficulties create additional challenges in initiating and maintaining engagement.  Can optionally include a one day follow up event.  Recent comments include:

Case Formulation

Based on the work of Dr Mary McMurran and her jointly edited publication ‘Forensic Case Formulation’ this course aims to help participants clarify their understanding of the theory and practice of case formulation, consolidate and development further skills in application, and consider ways of implementing learning in clinical practice.  This training is designed to be delivered as a one day event but can be extended dependent upon learning need.  Recent comments include:

Presentation Skills

Provides an opportunity to development a core business skill of presentation, whether that be to a small group of colleagues through to a large lecture setting.  The course covers potential pitfalls of presenting and an opportunity to see how these might be overcome using a practical worked example chosen by participants themselves.  Recent comments include:

Group work

We have delivered a wide range of training events for staff involved in the delivery of groupwork.  These include staff working with accredited programmes (see our Intervention Programmes page for more details), in particular those using a structured cognitive behavioural framework, as well as events for staff working groups that are support orientated.  Events can be anywhere from 2 days to ten days in length dependent upon level of specificity required.  Previous comments include:

Management Training Events

We have delivered management training events aimed particularly at those working within the UK criminal justice system but potentially applicable beyond this remit.  Events are one or optionally two days in length and cover the following subjects:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Orientation to management
  • Performance management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Team building

Previous comments include:

Bespoke Training Events

As noted previously, we also create training events based on our clients own specification (see our Research and Consultation page for more details).  This can be done in collaboration with in-house staff where subject expertise is present but support on developing effective training delivery is required.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.