Delight Training has a 20+ year track record of excellence in the field of criminal justice and forensic mental health services. We pride ourselves on delivering services that have a clear research background alongside a clear practical focus, delivered in a style that empowers and enhances staff commitment to the services they provide.
We have worked extensively across the UK in the last 20 years as well as overseas services in Norway, Sweden, and Australia. Our clients include a wide range of public and private sector prisons from open to high secure regimes, probation services across England and Wales and more recently the new community rehabilitation companies, social services and health service trusts including a range of medium and high secure forensic mental health services.

Steve Delight

Has a background in inner city community work and training development and delivery across our full range of listed clients. Steve specialises in the development of new training packages, working with nationally recognised accreditation processes, and engagement in consultation and research projects.

Mary McMurran

Dr Mary McMurran is a clinical, forensic and research psychologist. She is chartered with and a fellow of the British Psychological Society and was awarded a lifetime achievement award in 2005 for her contributions to Forensic Psychology. forensic and clinical psychologist. She has worked as a practitioner psychologist in criminal justice and forensic mental health settings, and as an academic in universities. Her most recent post was Professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham. Mary has collaborated with Delight Training as a consultant, trainer, and author of delivery materials for the last 17 years. This work has particularly focused on substance misuse and in particular on our work with COVAID – a nationally accredited alcohol related violence programme. More recently she has been involved in the development of training programmes focused on Engagement and also on Case Formulation particularly with populations with diagnosis for personality disorder.


Jed Graham

Trainer and Accredited Programme Support

Senior Trainer at Delight Training Services Ltd.  Jed has a background in probation practice in England and subsequently senior management posts in HM prison service. Has worked with Delight Training for the last 7 years and specialises in direct training delivery and accredited programme support.

Paul Hilton


Trainer with Delight Training Services Ltd. Paul has a background in probation practice in the Greater Manchester region particularly around the delivery of accredited programmes. Paul has specialised in a range of offence specific projects and in recent years has been particularly involved in the development and delivery of services focused on Domestic Violence.

Mark Ostling


Trainer at Delight Training Services Ltd. Has a background in probation practice in Greater London specialising particularly in substance misuse. Mark is a fluent French speaker and delivers programmes across the UK as well as delivery in France and consultation with the French Ministry of justice.

Paul Kelly

Information and Development Consultant

With extensive experience in social care and criminal justice services, Paul can offer a wide range of services to compliment the core Delight Training offering.  These include: matching training to organisational requirements; direct one-to-one coaching; conflict resolution, problem-solving and mediation services; independent critical incident analysis and complaint investigations; and research and service delivery studies.

Bev Rowson

Trainer and Consultant

Trainer and consultant with Delight Training Services Ltd. Bev has a background in probation management in England and in voluntary sector women’s services. Bev is now enjoying semi retirement but still provides consultancy services to Delight around new programme development.

Phil Delight


Phil Delight has worked with Steve for the last 25 years and is the founder of Delight Training Ltd, a provider of leadership and team coaching services. Delight Training Ltd work predominantly with what was traditionally defined as the private sector although our two organisations cooperate closely and the services offered by Phil and his team can be accessed by our clients either directly or on a collaborative basis. Contact details can be found here: